Lots of families have college funds. In my family, we have opted for the therapy fund.

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My boys were in PreK and first grade. My mother-in-law was sick. She was so very sick. I had it timed perfectly. I could drop my son off at preschool, make the one hour drive to my mother-in-law’s home, do her wound care, hang her IV medication, and drive back to the preschool, arriving in the carpool line just in the nick of time to pick up my cherub-cheeked 4-year-old.

Life is crazy with little ones. Life has a way of making a crazy life even crazier. Sometimes I look back on that time, and I wonder how we survived…

When my boys were young, I was always looking for ways to get out of the house. Any activity that allowed some time to restrain my adventurous little climbers legally was a win! In fact, I loved taking my boys out to run errands. My boys spent hours strapped into grocery carts as we accomplished our daily tasks. Here are a few of my favorite techniques for making errand time fun for everyone.

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Grandma-House Cereal

I recommend sticking to your guns on this one. Those cereal boxes are so fun and colorful, resulting in frequent pleas from my shopping buddies. Filled with…

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As an ICU nurse, I believe I’m paid to think. Otherwise, soon, a robot could do my job. The reality is that I am the person ensuring my patients survive the twelve hours of my shift. I notice the subtle changes that sound my nurse alarm far before any electronic monitor can. However, many days, I think there are several skills truly overlooked in nursing school.

Untying Knots

In nursing school, I never thought for a minute that I would spend a large amount of my time untangling cords. The spaghetti mess created by the intertwined and jumbled cables, IV tubing, suction…

During my short stint in the business world, I learned an important morsel that I’d like to share with you. When you are trying to fix a problem, try first to borrow a solution. If that doesn’t work, steal the solution. If that still doesn’t work, buy the solution. And, only if all else fails, create a new solution. It turns out, this same philosophy works for parenting. And, I gotta tell you, Super Nanny’s got the plan for discipline, and it’s available to you freely! Go grab it.

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If you watch Super Nanny, three things will happen. First, you…

Up the slide, anyone?

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How do you feel about wood chips? You know, the ones at the playground. Should the kids pick them up and build towers with them on the bottom foot of the slide? Should they be thrown? And what about slide etiquette? Is it ok to walk up the slide? Or are slides strictly one direction?

It starts early, and it continues for life. Different mommies have different rules. I told my kids early, and I told them often. I wanted to make sure they knew that it would be that way forever.

With my kids on the playground, wood chips…

Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer, and nurse.

Christie Hunt

Mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, volunteer, and nurse.

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